Best First Gun for Kids

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Best First Gun for Kids – (.22 Rifle I Hate to Blow the Surprise) The challenge of choosing the Best First Gun for Kids is a big responsibility for parents, but can help the family grow closer together.  It is an unforgettable time for both the parents and the kids.  I get to witness the bind

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Best Idaho Sturgeon Fishing in Winter

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Best Idaho Sturgeon Fishing in Winter The Best Idaho Sturgeon Fishing Winter can be found in Hagerman, Idaho and in the dead of cold and quiet times.  Many of you have been asking for fishing reports for the Hagerman Valley Idaho Sturgeon fishing as well as the fly fishing reports…….so here you go.  One of my favorite

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Claunch and Ferriss team up for an unbelievable offer!

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Why I am offering a money back guarantee on someone ele’s TV Launch offer?   SHAREN’ IS CAREN’ I have never done this before but I cannot stop thinking about it. I had an unbelievable, life-changing twenty hours (sorry, not Jenner style) with the The Tim Ferriss Experiment.  I knew it would be life changing

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4 Hours On Billingsly Creek – Big Brown Wins!

Posted by clauncher on April 17, 2015 in Blog 3 Comments

Are there huge brown trout in Billingsly Creek still?  The answer is a resounding yes.  So if you want to actually catch them, you should seek advice elsewhere as this is the chronicles of a beaten down fly fisher. I had gotten to work at 3:55 AM in order to get an early start because

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Vortex Optics Review – Re-Blogged – Sawtooth Rifles

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Vortex Optics Review post from Matt Yore’s Blog at Sawtooth Rifles and our Master Gun Builder here in Hagerman, Idaho. Matt is a custom rifle builder who is one a the four people in the world that actually enjoys reading those 1850 page ballistics books! Oh if you need a rifle painted, cerakoated,  or spruced up, he is actually quite

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